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Vietnam Visa

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It is so easy to get a VISA to vietnam….

Just send us the photo of  your passport with the main information. And please wait only 48 - 72 hours to get your visa inviting letter !

The rate is quite cheap: us$ - us$  per person, it also depends on your nationality.

Please email us to get visa letter:

Note: Vietnam Allows Visa-Free Travel For Visitors From 5 European Countries

In a bid to revive its tourism industry, Vietnam dropped visa requirements for tourists from five European countries. Travelers from Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Spain will not require a visa to visit the Southeast Asian country from July 1 for trips up to 15 days, the Associated Press reported Thursday, citing a Vietnamese government website.

Vietnam currently provides a reciprocal exemption on visas for nine countries in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. It also previously waived off visa requirement for visitors from four Nordic countries, and Russia, Belarus, Japan and South Korea. The country's tourism has taken a hit as arrivals dropped by nearly 13 percent in the first five months of 2015, the AP reported. While 8 million visitors came to Vietnam last year, this year only 3.3 million visitors have traveled to the country so far.

Royal Wings Cruise
1. Royal Wings Cruise

$ 190  $180

by Halong Luxury Cruises
2. Au Co Halong Cruise

$ 540  $0

by Halong Luxury Cruises
3. Aphrodite Cruise

$ 185  $160

by Halong Luxury Cruises
4. Huong Hai Sealife Cruise

$ 170  $150

by Halong Luxury Cruises
5. Pelican Luxury cruise

$ 190  $170

by Halong Luxury Cruises
Dragon Pearl Cruise
1. Dragon Pearl Cruise

$ 145  $138

by Halong Deluxe Cruises
2. Aclass Opera Cruise

$ 159  $145

by Halong Deluxe Cruises
3. Bhaya Cruise

$ 205  $178

by Halong Deluxe Cruises
4. Emotion Cruise

$ 155  $145

by Halong Deluxe Cruises
5. Glory Lengen Cruise

$ 145  $130

by Halong Deluxe Cruises
Aclass Lengen Cruise
1. Aclass Lengen Cruise

$ 165  $140

by Halong Standard Cruises
2. Legacy Cruise

$ 128  $120

by Halong Standard Cruises
3. Majestic Cruise

$ 125  $118

by Halong Standard Cruises
4. Orient Sail

$ 118  $108

by Halong Standard Cruises
5. Phoenix Cruise

$ 125  $115

by Halong Standard Cruises