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South Vietnam tour - Professional Con Dao fishing @280$

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South Vietnam tour -  Professional Con Dao fishing @280$
  • Overview
Package Tours  Professional Con Dao fishing tour
( 4 day/ 3 night)
Duration: 04 Days 
Price From: 280 USD
Bus transfer in Con Dao island

Fishing Tour in Con Dao is temporarily splited into two programs is the professional fishing tour in Con Dao, and recreational fishing tour in Con Dao. Each tour has different nature on the preparation before going fishing.
The first day: The bus picks tourists up to the boat to go fishing in Con Dao
  • The bus picks tourists up at Con Dao airport to the hotel (to put luggage at the hotel), eat snacks, go up the bus to come to Ben Dam Port or Con Dao Travel Port .
  • Sailor of the fishing boat picks tourists up and comes to the fishing position suitable with the weather and the tide in Con Dao. At each fishing boat in Con Dao, there are from 4 to 6 sailors serving  for the fishing trip on the sea with baits are the alive cuttles which are prepared in advance in the cellar. Depending on fishing position, that tourists will  be recommended to be getting the bait with small or large cuttle (thin and long cuttle) 
  • On the fishing boat in Con Dao, tourists will have dinner with sailors, the first dinner  at the sea will be underdone cuttles with lemon or mustard, steamed cuttle ... with typical sea fish sour soup. 
  • At night when the light is up, fishers will participate in cuttle-fishing, the thin and long cuttlewill be kept separately in a cellar for the fishing positions of tuna and large fishes of the next day. Sailors will perform repertoires of cuttle catching by skilled hauls after a long time of light-up. It takes from three to five hauls to keep enough alive cuttles  for the fishers on the next day. 
  • At night, fishers can get rods down or relax on board to gather strength for the next day.
The second day: Fishing in according to fishing position and the tide in Con Dao 
  • After leaving the fishing position, from 4 a.m, the fishing boat has to be at the first and most ideal position. This time is accounted for 40 to 50% of the fishing volumes of the day, the time when fishes eat at each fishing position only lasts about 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, then must change the other position. But there are so many fishing positions that each fish will eat according to the time and tide.
  • All fishes catched will be moved by sailors into ice cellar to be chilled. 
  • It would be an exciting day after challenging with big fishes in Con Dao, if you are not a professional fisher, it is reliable that your limbs will tremble with hard wrestlings, tugs all days. 
  • Evening is the time to prepare the bait for the next day. And repeat the cycle of the previous day. 
The third day: Con Dao Fishing - Shipping fish from fishing boat to freeze and package
  • After the lunch, it`s time to for the fishing boat to push off and come back to Con Dao port . The bus picks tourists up back to the hotel for taking a rest, eating dinner (self-support). The whole fishes will be taken to freeze overnight and package for convenient shipping.
The forth day: End of professional fishing tour in Con Dao, back to HCM city
  • Tourists go up the bus at the hotel with the products of Con Dao fishing trip that had been packaged for shipping.
  • Go to Con Dao airport to make procedures of seeing off tourists back to HCM City, ending the professional fishing program in Con Dao.
Tour price includes:
  • Fishing boat for 3days, 2 nights on boat, 01 night 3 star hotel 
  • Meals on boat
  • Cost of packaging, freezing and fish bucket
  • Bus of transport according to the program 
Tour price does not include:
  • Cost of meal, rest at the hotel
  • Other costs excluding in the above part.
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